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Tips to Prevent Water Damage this Spring

by ripleypr on April 1, 2016

ROANOKE, Va. Southern Trust Home Services, southern Virginia’s leading HVAC, plumbing and electrical provider, wants to help area homeowners weather spring showers and prevent damage to their homes from heavy rain and flooding. The BBB A+ rated-company has four tips to help prepare Roanoke-area homes for even the harshest spring weather.

“Spring shutterstock_245484412in Southern Virginia is one of the best times of the year, but it can often be one of the most costly for homeowners if they don’t take precaution to prepare for the heavy rains we often see,” said Ted Puzio, owner of Southern Trust Home Services. “There are few quick checks and projects that a homeowner can do this weekend to make sure they’re ready for whatever wild weather we have in store.”

Southern Trust Home Services, formerly Southern State Electric, offers these tips to help area homeowners prepare for spring showers:

  • Inspect sump pumps – a sump pump removes water that accumulates underneath a home and is one of the best defenses against flooded basements and subsequent costly repairs. All too often, though, homeowners don’t find out their sump pump is not working properly until it’s too late and spring showers are already wreaking havoc on your home. Southern Trust recommends inspecting your sump pump each spring to ensure it’s working properly.
  • Clean gutters and downspouts – leaves and debris from spring storms can lead to clogged gutters and downspouts, and the number one cause of basement flooding is roofs not draining properly. Cleaning your gutters each spring is an inexpensive way to make sure your home is ready for the rain to come. Also, check that downspouts extend away from the home’s foundation by at least three feet, this will help effectively move rain water away from the home.
  • Consider back-flow valves – sewer back-flow valves are small, inexpensive parts that are installed in sewer drainage lines to help regulate water flow. These small valves can save big headaches by preventing sewer water from entering a basement during heavy rain and go a long way to making your basement flood proof.
  • Check for basement leaks – take a few minutes this weekend to inspect both the interior and exterior of your home’s foundation, walls, floors and windows for any cracks that may have developed during the winter months. Even a minor crack can lead to major water damage during a heavy spring shower. You can use a basic waterproof epoxy and a paintbrush or putty knife to patch any small cracks you find.

For Roanoke-area homeowners who want a little extra help preparing for spring showers, Southern Trust Home Services provides free estimates on new or replacement sump pumps and can help with a variety of home improvement needs. For more information, please call 540-343-4348 or visit