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Staying Cool through the Roanoke Summer

by ripleypr on July 20, 2016

The heat is running full blast in Roanoke this summer and if the air conditioning system in your home isn’t working efficiently, you could be facing the rest of the dog days of summer sweltering in the heat. As July and August temperatures continue to rise in Roanoke, working with the air conditioning system professionals at Southern Trust can help you keep the hot weather outside your Roanoke home for the rest of the summer.

If the air conditioning system in your Roanoke home is running less effectively that it should, or not functioning at all, you may be able to take a few simple steps to avert an emergency. While air conditioning repair in Roanoke VA should be handled by professionals, our team at Southern Trust is pleased to offer some simple procedures that could help you manage some air conditioning issues on your own.

Check your breaker: If your outside air conditioning unit isn’t running, check to see if an electrical breaker has tripped in your Roanoke home. Most breakers are found on the outside wall near your home’s electric meter.  A power surge or electrical storm can cause a breaker to switch off unexpectedly; if this has happened, flip your breaker back on. If it your breaker trips again, call the air conditioning repair experts at Southern Trust.

Inspect Air Filters: Dirty air filters can prevent your air conditioning unit from cooling properly. If you see water dripping from your inside air conditioning unit, it is likely that the unit may have iced up. Inspect outside air conditioning units to ensure that the area around the unit is free of leaves, vines, dirt or any other obstacles that could constrict airflow.

Check the batteries in thermostats: While it may seem inconsequential, having dead batteries in a battery operated interior thermostat can cause your air conditioning system to not work properly. If you have not replaced the batteries in your home thermostat in some time, checking and replacing the batteries in your home thermostat can be an easy fix. If you are running on an old thermostat system in your Roanoke home, Southern Trust can help to install an efficient thermostat system to offer ease of use.

If these quick maintenance fixes don’t work for the air conditioning in your Roanoke home, call the air conditioning  system professionals at Southern Trust today to schedule an appointment. Regardless of the issue with the air conditioning in your Roanoke home, our team help you find the right air conditioning solutions to keep your Roanoke area home cool for the rest of the summer!