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 water softener in roanokeThe best way to deal with hard water is by installing a water softener. At Southern Trust Home Services, we are your Roanoke water softener experts, and you can count on us for dependable, affordable service.

Hard water is a major problem for many Roanoke area homeowners. The term “hard water” simply refers to water that contains more dissolved minerals than normal. While this may not sound like a major issue, it can cause irreparable damage to your plumbing system as well as dry skin, dull hair and a number of other problems.

Water Softener Systems in Roanoke

A water softener works by removing excess minerals from the water coming into your home. Whether you have city water or well water, you could have hard water. We offer water testing services to help you determine whether your home needs a water softening system.

When you get a water softener, you’ll notice the difference right away. Softened water feels much smoother on the skin, and it helps you keep your home sparkling clean. A few other benefits of water softeners include:

  • Water softeners reduce the buildup of calcium and limescale, making it easier to keep your sinks, tubs and showers clean.
  • You can use 1/3 less detergent when washing towels using softened water.
  • Whites washed in softened water come out 45% cleaner than whites washed in hard water.
  • Soft water reduces buildup in water heaters, improving their efficiency and extending their life.
  • Softened water doesn’t cause buildup in your hair or on your skin.
  • Dishwashers and washing machines last longer when you have a water softener.

Roanoke Water Softener Installation, Maintenance and Repair

At Southern Trust Home Services, we offer a full range of water softener services. Contact a trusted Roanoke plumber for all your Roanoke water softener installation, maintenance and repair needs. Call 801-467-3951 today!