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Roanoke Water Testing

In the Roanoke area, our water has a few issues that can cause some frustrating problems. Unfortunately, we aren’t just talking about well water; even city water contains contaminants that could be having a negative impact on your family and your home.

water testing roanoke

At Southern Trust Home Services, we are proud to offer a full range of top-of-the-line water treatment options, but how do you know what you actually need? We also offer comprehensive water testing services to assess exactly what’s in your water to help us determine whether you need a water treatment system or water softener.

We’d love to have your business, but we don’t want you to spend money unnecessarily. That’s why we recommend having us conduct a water test before you purchase a water softener or any type of water filtration or treatment system.

When you have us test your water, we’ll send a water treatment expert to your home to collect a few samples of your water. The samples will be sent off to an independent analysis for further testing. Once we have the results, we’ll let you know exactly what’s in your water and what we can do about it.

Once we know what’s in your current water supply, we can make recommendations based on the findings. This allows us to provide you with crystal clear water that tastes amazing and is safe for your family as well as your appliances. We offer customized solutions, and we’ll recommend water treatment systems and water softeners that are perfectly suited to your home.

Free Lead-Testing for Northern Virginia Residents

Southern Trust Home Services is now offering free in-home water testing for lead contamination.  When it comes to the safety of your water, Southern Trust is taking an active role in helping to protect your family.  To do this, we’re providing free water testing  for lead to all residents of Northern Virginia.  Call today for more information and to schedule your free test.

Lead contamination is more common than you might think and the only true protection is to take precautions fast with testing and implementation of water filtering or pluming repiping.

Water Testing in Roanoke, Virginia

Without a water test, there’s no way of knowing what could be lurking in your water. Your family could be drinking things like chromium, mercury, nitrates, fluoride and a host of other contaminants, and these same contaminants could be wreaking havoc on your water heater, washing machine and dishwasher. For comprehensive water testing in Roanoke, please contact Southern Trust Home Services today by calling 540-685-0106.