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The Best in Water Softness, Filtration, and Pressure

Water quality is about more than just consistency in plumbing and heat.  When you turn to Southern Trust Home Services, you’re asking for expert service in ensuring that clean, constant water is delivered throughout your home.  To us, water quality means ensuring:

  • Regulating Water Hardness
  • Cleaning and Filtering Water
  • Maintaining Consistent Water Pressure

Water Hardness and Minerals

The softness of water is based on the number of minerals in the water.  Water dissolves different minerals over its lifespan.  As it does this, it absorbs both calcium and magnesium carbonates.  The higher the level of minerals in your water, the harder the water.

Most of these minerals are relatively harmless to you.  In municipal and subterranean water supplies, a lot of effort is taken to keep the water as mineral-free as possible.  These efforts are made to keep your plumbing clean and free of mineral buildup that damages and blocks pipes, fixtures, and appliances.

Hard water is easy to identify.  Simply look for:

  • Calcium buildup on faucets and fixtures
  • Hard water stains on bath tile, dishes, and shower glass
  • A lack of lather from soaps
  • Or use a water quality testing kit

While cities and building contractors work to give you the best plumbing and water possible, eventually the plumbing in your home will add to the hard water problem.  Fortunately, there’s an alternative to repiping your entire home.  If you have trouble with hard water, call your trusted plumber in Roanoke.  We’ll install water softeners and filters.  By adding special detergent ions to balance out the calcium and magnesium carbonates, we’ll soften your water to protect your home’s plumbing, fixtures, and appliances!

Whole Home Water Filters

Clean, good-tasting water comes in the form of filtered water.  The flavor of your water is based on what’s in it, and filtering out contaminants, minerals, and particulates is key to water-bliss.  Southern Trust Home Services is ready and willing to help you install filters for your home water.  Whether you need an at-the-faucet filter or want to install a whole-home filter, we have the skills and tools to set up your preferred filtration method!

Whether you need clean water, softer water, or simply higher water pressure, the professional plumbers in Roanoke of Southern Trust Home Services are here to serve you, 24/7.  So give us a call today at 540-685-0106!