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Garbage Disposal Repair

Your garbage disposal probably sees a lot of use, and it’s likely that you don’t give it much thought until there’s a problem. Garbage disposals are some of the most frequently used kitchen appliances, and they see a lot of wear and tear. They’re generally pretty reliable, but the occasional problem does occur.

If you’re in need of Roanoke garbage disposal repair, depend on the experts right here at Southern Trust Home Services. While some problems are easy to fix on your own, most are best left to the professionals.

Though reliable, garbage disposals do have a few common problems, including:

  • Stuck Objects. The most common reason homeowners call for repair is a foreign object stuck in the disposal. Silverware and small bits of wood, plastic, metal, etc. can become lodged in a garbage disposal, preventing it from functioning properly. Because removing these objects from the blades is dangerous, it’s best to call in a professional.
  • Even food can cause clogs in your garbage disposal. Fibrous vegetables, fats, grease and oils can cause blockages. In addition to preventing your disposal from working properly, these clogs can lead to some nasty odors in your kitchen.
  • Overloading is another common problem. When too much food is put in the disposal at once, the unit may turn off to prevent overheating. Resetting the disposal should solve the problem, but if might not if food is stuck in the unit.

Whether your garbage disposal has stopped working or you’re noticing strange sounds or odors, it’s best to contact one of our licensed plumbers in Roanoke VA as soon as possible. Working on garbage disposals can be dangerous due to the blades, so these projects are best left to the experts. In addition to potentially harming yourself, you could harm the disposal and end up facing additional repair costs.

If you’re in need of Roanoke garbage disposal repair, make a call to Southern Trust Home Services today! You can reach us at 540-685-0106.