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Protect your Roanoke home from Hurricane Matthew

by ripleypr on October 7, 2016

As Hurricane Matthew is moving up the Florida coast today, the expectation is that this weekend may see the storm moving up the Atlantic Coast and dumping rain on the Roanoke area. With the expectation for a bad weather weekend means that it is important for Roanoke homeowners to prevent damage to their homes, which can include having a surge protection plan in place and having a sump pump installed or serviced.

At Southern Trust Home Services, we have surge protection options that will protect your entire home from unpredictable power variations that could harm the delicate electronics in your appliances, electronics and other plug-in devices in your home. Surge Protection Roanoke Hurricane Matthew

Power surges happen all the time, and store-bought, plug-in surge protection outlets do not protect the biggest appliances in your home. The newer washers, dryers and refrigerators are outfitted with increasingly delicate electronics and older homes may not have the proper level of surge protection included to protect your home’s most important electrical components.

A whole house surge protection plan from Southern Trust can help protect your home and electronics by:

  1. Protecting your electronics with circuit boards from suffering damage during a major surge or outage
  2. Preventing the small surges that happen every day from doing long-term damage to your electronics, appliances and internal systems
  3. Blocking surges from damaging the wiring throughout the home that is susceptible, before any harm can be done
  4. Eliminating the potential for electrical fires and accidental electrocution

In addition to having surge protection in place, inspecting an existing sump pump or having a sump pump system in place can help prevent water damage to your Roanoke home.  Whether you have an existing sump pump or need one installed, the sump pump experts at Southern Trust can help you today before Hurricane Matthew possibly hits our area.  Sump Pump Roanoke Hurricane Matthew

If you have a sump pump in your home, you should have have a thorough inspection of your sump pump.  A sump pump removes water that accumulates underneath a home and is one of the best defenses against flooded basements and subsequent costly repairs. All too often, though, homeowners don’t find out their sump pump is not working properly until it’s too late, so contact the best Roanoke plumber today for a sump pump inspection.

If you do not have a sump pump installed in your home, Southern Trust offers a  wide range of sump pumps, including system types such as pedestal or submersible to varying power capacities and back-up power capabilities. In addition, we offer expert advice to help make choosing the right sump pump to protect your basement against flooding and water damage easier.

Southern Trust is the Roanoke, VA experts in whole house surge protection and sump pump installations and inspection and we have protected hundreds of homes in the Roanoke area. Contact Southern Trust today for assistance in helping to protect your Roanoke home this weekend from the possible effects of Hurricane Matthew!