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Broken Toilet? No Problem!

Toilet problems are the worst, especially when the toilet won’t flush or overflows all over your Lynchburg, VA home. It can feel overwhelming, especially when you don’t know what went wrong or how to fix the problem.

Fortunately, you know someone who can help. Your friendly,  plumber in Lynchburg VA is available to help diagnose your toilet problems, repair the toilet, or help you choose and install a new one. We also work on home remodels and renovations, helping you select the best toilet for the bathroom of your dreams.

Toilet Repair

Toilet repairs are usually simple, though they usually require a professional who understands how all of the parts work together. Give us a call if you experience any of the following:

  • Clogs that won’t clear. This can indicate a problem farther down the line. You could also have a stubborn clog, requiring the use of a plumbing snake to get your toilet working again.
  • Several toilets in the home clogging at once. This almost always means that the clog goes beyond just the plumbing in one bathroom. Let us diagnose the problem, find the clog, and figure out the best way to remove it.
  • Water around the base of your toilet. This can mean that the seal around the bottom of the toilet has broken. We can take the toilet out and replace the seal, or replace the whole toilet if that won’t work.
  • A toilet that keeps running. If your tank isn’t filling properly, the toilet will continue trying to fill up with water. This can cost you quite a bit on your water bill, and it often means that the toilet isn’t usable. We can fix the internal workings of your toilet so everything works well again.

Toilet Installation

Whether you intended to install a new toilet or the existing one broke and you decided that a new one was the best choice for you and your family, we can handle the installation. Let our plumber take a look at your space and determine your needs. We’ll help you find a toilet that looks good in your bathroom and functions well, too.

We’ll give you several options for your new toilet, all from brands we know, have used before, and trust. If you have budgetary concerns, we’ll take them into account and help you get the best toilet for your money.

Once you’ve chosen a new toilet, we’ll get it installed as soon as possible. We’ll test everything and make sure it all works just right. You’ll get to test it, too, and we won’t leave until you’re satisfied.

Whether you need a new toilet or you want to repair the old one, your Southern Trust plumber can help you out. From the moment you call us to the moment we leave your home, we strive to be the best plumbing team you’ve ever worked with. We will respond when you need us, work quickly, keep your budget in mind, and stay until you’re satisfied with our work.

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