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Sewer Repair

No homeowner wants to think that their sewer might need repair. After all, no matter how quickly and efficiently it gets done, a sewer repair is a big job than can disrupt your family’s life for a while.

People also worry about paying for their sewer repair. They fear that making the repair will be expensive and won’t be covered by anything.

At Southern Trust, when you call us for your sewer repair, you won’t be sorry. We will work with any homeowner’s insurance or home warranty policy you have, to help you get as much money as possible for your repair. We’ll also get the repair done quickly and efficiently, so you can get things back to normal!

Sewer Repair Options

When most people think about sewer repair, they think about having their Lynchburg, VA yard dug up and destroyed in the process. Maybe they’ve even seen it before, when friends and neighbors have had sewer repairs done in the past.

When people think of this, though, they’re thinking of traditional sewer repair. This involved digging a trench along the entire sewer, or at least along the part that required work. This trench gave plumbers access to the line, but it also meant digging up grass, flowers, shrubs, and even trees. Sometimes it even meant taking a jackhammer to the driveway if the line ran underneath.

Fortunately, this is not the only way to repair a sewer anymore! Plumbers in Lynchburg VA have developed trenchless technology, which performs the exact same repairs without digging that awful trench. In fact, some repairs don’t require any digging at all. Others may require the plumber to dig one or two small holes, but these are usually easy to fix once the work is done.

Instead of accessing the sewer line directly, plumbers now access it though your basement. They send cameras through you sewer to determine where the problem is, then send equipment through the same line and perform the work remotely, from the comfort of your basement.

This isn’t only better for you, it’s easier for the plumber, too! Instead of performing all that backbreaking digging and hauling dirt, he or she can sit inside, in your basement, and perform the exact same repair without leaving his seat.

Sewer Problems

If you have started smelling sewer smells in your home, or you’re having regular backups and you’re not sure why, give us a call.

When you call Southern Trust, you’ll always be greeted warmly. We’ll work with you to find a time that’s good for you, and then we’ll send our plumber out. Our staff are well-trained and friendly, and will figure out what’s going on with your sewer quickly.

Once we know what’s going on, we’ll explain it to you and present you with the possible solutions. We leave it to you to choose, as you know what’s best for you and your family. Then, we’ll perform the desired repair with maximum efficiency, so that your family can get back to their everyday lives.

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