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Getting your Roanoke home heating systems ready for fall

by ripleypr on October 4, 2016

While the feel of summer is still in the air in Roanoke, it won’t be long until fall chill hits the area and many Roanoke homeowners will start their home heating systems for the first time. Before you turn on your heating system, having the heating specialists at Southern Trust Home Services, your Roanoke HVAC and heating experts, inspect your heating system to check for any necessary repairs can help offer you piece of mind before cold weather hits our area. home heating systems

As experts in home heating, plumbing, HVAC and cooling, the team at Southern Trust Home Services has heard a number of myths regarding the best way to get your HVAC system ready for cooler weather. While some of these myths are harmless, some of them may actually cause your HVAC system to run less efficiently, which can cause higher energy bills.

Myth #1

If it’s cold inside, setting your thermostat to 86 degrees will heat your home faster than if you set it to 76 degrees (or your desired ending temperature).

The truth: Setting your temperature higher will not change how quick your home heats up, because your HVAC system works as fast as possible, regardless of what temperature you set it to.

Myth #2

Turning your heat down when you are gone and then up again when you get home actually wastes energy.

The truth: While it is often true that when it is cold outside and you turn your heat down slightly when you leave, you could save energy rather than leaving it at your comfort point while gone. This changes if you turn it down significantly, so that your system has to work extra hard to bring the temperature back up. The best way to regulate temperature is with programmable thermostats that can be regulated to work more efficiently.

Myth #3

Closing HVAC vents in rooms that are not occupied will help reduce your energy bills.

The truth: Closing vents in rooms that are not occupied can have the opposite effect, because your home HVAC system will try and equalize the temperature throughout the home, which can cause it work longer and could actually increase your energy consumption and bills.

Myth #4

The location of your thermostat does not really make a difference.

The truth: If your whole house thermostat is located just under a heating vent, or in direct sunlight for several hours a day, these outside variances will be mean that your thermostat may not register the actual room temperature. Your HVAC unit may be continually trying to regulate the temperature, based upon these false reading.

While these myths can illustrate confusion about what to do to help save on energy bills, one thing is not a myth. Engaging in regular maintenance of your Roanoke area home heating systems will result in lower energy bills and a longer life for your equipment. If you need to have a repair or inspection of the home heating systems in your Roanoke area home, contact Southern Trust Home Services to have your heating system inspected now, before an emergency heating call happens this winter.

For more information on the services that are offered for HVAC and Roanoke furnace repair and maintenance, please visit or call 540-685-0106 for 24/7 service and ask about our discounts for seniors, Veterans and the disabled today.