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Get your air conditioning ready for summer in Roanoke

by ripleypr on May 18, 2016

May is in full swing and as we move towards the end of the school year and the start of the summer season, this is a great time to make sure that your air conditioning unit is ready to handle the heat in Roanoke. Get your Roanoke air conditioning unit ready as temperatures continue to rise in May by being proactive about your air conditioning and HVAC units. Save your family from sweltering through the heat in Roanoke during June, July, and August when you get your Roanoke Air Conditioning Unit ready for the summer with Southern Trust!

With our knowledge and expertise in air conditioning and HVAC, Southern Trust Home Services can assist you with all of your air conditioning, HVAC and indoor quality needs for your home anywhere throughout Roanoke and the Roanoke Valley. Southern Trust Home Services can also help determine ways to make your home more energy efficient and offer professional installations of digital and analog thermostats.

Air Conditioning Unit Technology

air conditioningNew technology for the air conditioning industry is designed to offer higher levels of energy efficiency and less environmental impact, allowing homes to be cooled at lower costs for home owners. Southern Trust Home Services can help our customers to save on their cooling expenses with the best in Roanoke Energy-Efficient HVAC systems, including professional installations, regular tune-ups and programmable thermostats to offer flexibility for cooling your home.

If your home has an older air conditioning system that needs to be upgraded or repaired, Southern Trust Home Services offers same-day installation and emergency repairs for air conditioning units throughout Roanoke and the Roanoke Valley. Our team members receive regular on-going training to stay up to date on the latest air conditioning systems, technologies and methods to offer the highest levels of service for the cooling needs of our clients.

Keep your Air Conditioning system running smoothly

To help keep the air conditioning system from Southern Trust Home Services running at maximum efficiency, there are additional steps that you can take to lower energy consumption and save money.

Check your filter: Make sure that the filters in your home, as well as filters at the blower unit, are clean to keep your air conditioning unit from possibly shutting down.

Remove debris around the unit: For the exterior air conditioning unit to work properly, there needs to be unobstructed air around the unit. Having a 2 foot area of clear space, free from shrubs, low hanging branches and wood piles will help your unit work easier.

Inspect your registers: Inside your home, your registers need access to airflow and if there are obstructions around the register, the unit may not work properly. Make sure that there are no rugs or furniture that may be in the way of airflow and if you have small children or shedding pets, this would be a great time to clean out anything that may have found its way into the register.

Before the dog days of summer take over in Roanoke and the Roanoke Valley, this is a great time to upgrade or repair your air conditioning system with Roanoke Air Conditioning Unit service from Southern Trust Home Services. Visit us at for more information or call (540)343-4348 for 24/7 service and ask about our discounts for seniors, Veterans and the disabled today.