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Expert plumbing tips for a pleasant, emergency-free holiday

by ripleypr on December 6, 2016

The holidays are a time for celebration and reconnecting with family and friends in the Roanoke area. While some of us may be traveling to visit relatives, many Roanoke area homeowners will be hosting family gatherings at our own homes during the season. When you are spending time with family and friends at your Roanoke homes in December, the last thing that you want to deal with is a plumbing emergency. Get your festivities off to a good start when you follow these expert plumbing tips for your Roanoke home from Southern Trust Home Services for a pleasant, emergency-free holiday at your home this year. Plumbing Tips Roanoke

Keep your garbage disposal running smoothly

When guests ask to help with clean up after meals, or want to help prepare meals, ask that nothing goes into the garbage disposal that can potential cause damage to your system. Avoiding grease, oil or potentially damaging items like corn husks, eggshells or other hard to grind products can help prevent a disposal issue in your Roanoke home. In addition, if you suspect your garbage disposal has a problem or appears to be running sluggishly while making strange noises, don’t run your dishwasher until the disposal is fixed by the professionals at Southern Trust to prevent dirty water backups.

Maintain your drains

Buy mesh strainers for every drain in your Roanoke home, because you may be surprised by what our technicians have found in home drains that contribute to clogs and backups. Strainers can prevent foreign or unwanted items from going down your drains, including hair, greasy hair products, food and even cotton balls and Q-tips (not to mention the occasional toy or Lego block).

Make sure your water heater can handle your holiday guests

Have the professionals at Southern Trust inspect your water heater before the holidays to help you plan for the extra guests and strain on your water heating system. Our teams make suggestions on your temperature settings, offer specific tips regarding your home’s water heating capacity and how best to manage the hot water situation in your home. In addition, Southern Trust can install a tankless water heater system that will help deliver consistent hot water for your home year-round!

Southern Trust Home Services wants you to have a festive holiday season in Roanoke without having to worry about your home’s plumbing and heating systems. If you have followed these plumbing tips, but a problem still arises this December and you have a plumbing or heating emergency, the Southern Trust team is on call 24/7 to meet your plumbing, heating and electrical needs. If you need assistance at any time, call your Roanoke plumber at 540-685-0106 today!