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Electrical Safety with Roanoke Christmas Lights

by ripleypr on December 13, 2016

For Roanoke homeowners and families, the Christmas lights are probably are ready to be hung outside your Roanoke home, while your indoor Roanoke Christmas lights and decorations and  are ready to hang on your tree. If you have already put up your Roanoke Christmas lights either inside or outside your home, or both, the Roanoke electrician experts at Southern Trust want to keep your home and family safe and free from electrical worries. The Southern Trust electrical experts have offered these electrical safety tips to have a problem free holiday lighting experience for both indoor and outdoor lights at your Roanoke home:

Be Prepared: If you haven’t hung your Roanoke Christmas lights yet, make sure that you have adequate outlets and safety extension cords that can handle the extra electrical load from your light displays. If you have already hung your lights, make sure that they are plugged into a power strip or other electrical load management system to prevent short circuits and overloading.

Use Approved Lights: To keep your Roanoke home safe, be sure to use lights that are approved for use in the United States. Looking for UL listed lights can help ensure safety and minimize risks related to substandard wiring.

Inspect lighting strings for exposed wiring: If you see exposed wiring anywhere on a string of lights, be sure to discard of those lights properly. Loose wiring or broken bulbs can spark fires, especially when exposed to Christmas trees, and can be dangerous for use. Taping lighting strings with electrical tape is not a recommended step.

Follow safety recommendations and make sure light strings aren’t pinched or stretched too far: Review instructions that come with the light strings to find the maximum number of light sets that can be daisy-chained together, as well as making sure that light strings aren’t pinched by doors or windows. Pinched or stretched light strings can damage the strings, exposing wires and potentially causing an electrical spark.

Upgrade to LED lights: Newer lighting strings incorporate LED lights that do not heat as traditional Christmas lights. These are great for live trees, because traditional lights can heat up branches of a cut tree, potentially causing a fire hazard.

Use timers to avoid overheating: Going to sleep with the lights on outside or inside your home can cause potential overheating, which can lead to disastrous results. If you like your lights to stay on for a little bit after you turn in, use a timer to shut them off after a short time period.

If you plan on a massive outdoor light show at your Roanoke home or want to have the brightest tree on the block, Southern Trust recommends that you call our Roanoke professional electricians to inspect your wiring and to suggest ways to accommodate any extra lighting needs in a safe way. Call Southern Trust Home Services at 540-685-0106 today to have one of our electrical technicians get your home ready for your electrical display!