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New Services for Northern Virginia Coming Soon!

At Southern Trust Home Services, we’re always looking for a way to provide the best experience.  It always saddens us when we have to tell a potential client or a long-term customer that the service they’ve requested isn’t one we can offer, so we’re always expanding to keep up with new markets in our area and stay a full-service company.

That being said, Southern Trust Home Services is proud to announce that we are starting to offer new services in:

Bathroom Remodeling

We offer full plumbing repair and repiping.  We do installation, maintenance, and repair of fixtures.  Now, Southern Trust is combining these with electrical service and construction to offer full Bathroom Remodeling service to you.  If you’re looking to update your home with a brand new bathroom, or expanding your existing bathroom to include new features, Southern Trust is the one you should call!

Duct Cleaning

Allergens and contaminants occasionally get into the air system for your home.  Left unchecked, they’ll be recirculated into your otherwise clean home if you don’t act to keep your air ducts clean and clear.  Southern Trust Home Services now offers professional duct cleaning and testing to make sure that your home air stays breathable and the dust is minimal.

Call Southern Trust Home Services today for more information on these and other new services we’re offering at 540-632-4322!