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Can your hot water heater handle holiday guest hot water needs?

by ripleypr on November 22, 2016

Southern Trust Home Services has been servicing the hot water and plumbing needs of our Roanoke customers since 1995 and we are the go-to plumbing service for all of your Roanoke area hot water solutions, including making sure your hot water heater can handle your holiday guest hot water needs. hot water heater Southern Trust

When the holidays in Roanoke around, making sure your guests are comfortable is high on your list. One of the things that can ruin a nice visit is expecting a nice, warm and toasty shower, only to be jolted by a strong burst of ice-cold water. If your home needs an inspection of your existing hot water heater system, the Roanoke hot water heater professionals at Southern Trust can assist you today!

If your Roanoke hot water heater isn’t working efficiently, there are newer hot water heaters available that offer larger tanks, as well as offering outstanding energy efficient to help save on your energy bills. One of the newer advancements is a tankless hot water heater that can provide instant hot water without the wait for traditional water heaters. The advantages of tankless hot water heaters include:

1-Tankless Water Heaters save space
The big, round, space guzzling hot water heaters of the past are being replaced by the new, sleeker, smaller tankless water heaters. Tankless hot water heaters can also offer you more space available than larger models.

2-Tankless Water Heaters provide on-demand hot water
The days of waiting for your hot water heater to “heat up” and provide hot water are a thing of the past with a tankless hot water heater system. Hot water is available immediately and you are not limited to the water in the tank, ensuring that you and your guests don’t have to worry about who is going to access the hot water first.

3-Tankless Water Heaters save energy in the long run
Many consumers are switching to tankless water heaters because they can cost less to operate than a traditional water heater, minimizing costs and offsetting initial installation costs. A tankless water heater system can save $44 to $108 a year on hot water costs for a typical Roanoke home.

Tankless water heaters are available in both electric and gas versions. They can cost a bit more upfront, but the team at Southern Trust can work with you to assess your needs and help you decide which type of water heater or tankless water heater is right for you. Regardless of whether you want to install a new tankless water heater or need an inspection or repair of the existing hot water heater in your Roanoke home, contact Southern Trust Home Services to have a trusted Roanoke plumber explain the variety of options to ensure that you have plenty of hot water available this holiday season!