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Only three things should go down your toilet: Toilet paper and items No. 1 and 2

by ripleypr on March 7, 2018

Follow these suggestions from Southern Trust to keep our plumbers out of your home In the United Kingdom, they call them fatbergs. They are giant conglomerates of grease, sanitary products, wet wipes and other unmentionables that are all flushed down toilets and wreak havoc on municipal wastewater treatment centers. Flush carefully. Flush responsibly. Remember, there[Read More…]

Southern Trust can diagnose an ailing furnace and choose the best replacement

by ripleypr on February 20, 2018

Here are five signs your heat source is on its last legs What’s the worst time to learn you need a new furnace? When the temperature bottoms out in winter, of course. That was certainly the case in Roanoke earlier this winter, when temperatures plunged to unusually cold levels. Luckily, there are some tell-tale signs[Read More…]

Southern Trust offers heating conservation tips for last weeks of winter

by ripleypr on February 19, 2018

ROANOKE, Va. – Feb. 19, 2018 – Southern Trust Home Services, owned by Contractor Magazine’s Contractor of the Year winner Ted Puzio, has tips to Southern Virginia homeowners hoping to reduce their energy bills and maximize their indoor heat through the end of winter. “February temperatures may hint at spring weather, but responsible homeowners should[Read More…]

Five tips to prevent your pipes from freezing in frigid Roanoke weather

by ripleypr on February 5, 2018

If these precautions don’t work, call Southern Trust promptly It’s not the ice; it’s the pressure that can burst your pipes. When temperatures dip well below freezing in the Roanoke Valley, Southern Trust promptly responds to dozens of frozen pipe calls, but there are some steps homeowners can take ahead of time to mitigate the[Read More…]

Southern Trust can help quell the silent killer that is carbon monoxide

by ripleypr on January 20, 2018

Make sure your gas appliances are well-vented and connected to an alarm. It’s odorless, colorless and can kill you. Every year, hundreds of people are killed and thousands injured after exposure to carbon monoxide. In light of January’s designation as Carbon Monoxide Awareness Month, and our desire to keep our customers safe, here are a[Read More…]

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Contractor Magazine Names Southern Trust’s Ted Puzio its Contractor of the Year

by ripleypr on January 16, 2018

Contractor Magazine honors owner of southern Virginia’s leading HVAC company, Southern Trust Home Services   ROANOKE, Va. – Jan. 16, 2018 – Ted Puzio, owner of Southern Trust Home Services, has been named by Contractor Magazine as Contractor of the Year 2017. Southern Trust Home Services, founded by Puzio in 1995, is southern Virginia’s leading[Read More…]

Save money on heating this winter with these tips from Southern Trust

by ripleypr on January 11, 2018

  Southern Trust can lower your heating bills and extend the life of your heat source. The New River Valley and Roanoke see a fair share of snow, ice and cold weather during the winter months. When the snow starts flying on Peaks of Otter, there are steps you can take down below to stop[Read More…]

Southern Trust bathroom remodels make your business our business

by ripleypr on December 20, 2017

Our modern techniques have evolved from a simple concept Our latest service offered to the people of Roanoke and the New River Valley is building the bathrooms of their dreams. We can make renovations or construction as simple or as complex as you want. It can be modern, or it can be more traditional in[Read More…]

Southern Trust offers electrical, heating and carbon monoxide safety tips for holidays

by ripleypr on December 5, 2017

Check this list twice and keep your family safe in Roanoke Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year. It can also be the most dangerous. Cooking, heating malfunctions or misuse, and faulty electrical systems are among the leading causes of fires between Thanksgiving and February, according to Electrical Safety Foundation International. Fires involving[Read More…]

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Wait, Don’t Flush That!

by ripleypr on December 5, 2017

Southern Trust Home Services advises homeowners to think before they flush  ROANOKE, Va. – Dec. 5, 2017– What should be common knowledge on what is and is not appropriate to flush down the toilet is wreaking havoc on sewer systems everywhere. Southern Trust Home Services, southern Virginia’s leading HVAC company, is sharing their two cents[Read More…]

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