Bedford VA Water Heater Repair and Installation

Water Heater Repair and Installation

Few things are worse than getting an icy blast of water when you’re looking forward to a nice hot shower. At Southern Trust Home Services, we are your Bedford water heater repair and installation experts, and we’re to help with just about any type of problem. From helping you decide whether it would be best to fix your water heater or replace it to upgrading your old water heater to a new more energy efficient model, we do it all!

Water Heater Repair and Installation near you

Should you have your water heater repaired, or would you be better off replacing it? This is a difficult question for many homeowners. When trying to decide, consider the age of your existing unit. If it’s a traditional model with a storage tank, you can reasonably expect it to last 7 to 10 years. If you have a tankless water heater, it will last up to 20. If your water heater is nearly the end of its normal lifespan, fixing it may just be prolonging the inevitable and you might be better off replacing it.

Bedford Water Heater Installation

Installing a water heater is a big job, and it’s best left to the professionals. Whether you’re replacing an existing water heater or installing a heater in a new home, there are several problems that can arise if the job isn’t done right.

At Southern Trust Home Services, we sell and install both traditional and energy efficient water heaters. Tankless models have become increasingly popular in recent years because they are more energy efficient and take up less room. They also never run out of hot water, making them ideal for many households.

Water Heater Repair in Bedford

Sometimes the problems affecting water heaters are minor. In these instances, the heater can usually be repaired. Whether you’re running out of water faster than usual, you don’t have any hot water or there’s water on the floor under your heater, a plumber may be able to help without replacing the entire system.

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