We Value Talent at Southern Trust, and We Show it. Come Work for Us Today.

by Southern Trust
5/10/2018 - Roanoke, VA
We are always searching for the best techs in the Roanoke area.

April 25 is National Hug a Plumber Day

by Southern Trust
4/24/2018 - Roanoke, VA
Here are five reasons to show a Southern Trust tech some love

Five ways Southern Trust can clean the air in your Roanoke home

by Southern Trust
4/10/2018 - Roanoke, VA
You might not want to know what you are inhaling in your bedroom

Southern Trust adds event planner to handle bath division growth, outreach

by Southern Trust
3/28/2018 - Roanoke, VA
We are proud to announce the addition of Kristin Hasty to our team of home services professionals!

Only three things should go down your toilet: Toilet paper and items No. 1 and 2

by Southern Trust
3/20/2018 - Roanoke, VA
Follow these suggestions from Southern Trust to keep our plumbers out of your home

Southern Trust can keep your basement high and dry with a sump pump

by Southern Trust
3/6/2018 - Roanoke, VA
Here are some tips to prevent a nightmare flooding scenario

Here are five signs your heat source is on its last legs

by Southern Trust
2/20/2018 - Roanoke, VA
Here are five signs your heat source is on its last legs

Five tips to prevent your pipes from freezing in frigid Roanoke weather

by Southern Trust
2/6/2018 - Roanoke, VA
If these precautions don’t work, call Southern Trust promptly

Southern Trust can help quell the silent killer that is carbon monoxide

by Southern Trust
1/23/2018 - Roanoke, VA
Make sure your gas appliances are well-vented and connected to an alarm

Save money on heating this winter with these tips from Southern Trust

by Southern Trust
1/2/2018 - Roanoke, VA
Lower your heating bills and extend the life of your heat source

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