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Lightning and Electrical Home Protection in Roanoke

by ripleypr on June 20, 2016

As southern Virginia’s leading HVAC, plumbing and electrical provider, Southern Trust has seen the damaging effects that can occur to home electronics from lightning strikes. For Roanoke electrical home protection, we are proud to offer tips to help Roanoke-area residents handle the shocking effects lightning can have on a home and your electrical systems.

Your Roanoke electrician offers these tips to prevent damage and limit the effects of lightning storms to homes throughout the Roanoke area:  Roanoke electrical home protection

Take precaution with your water well pump – A lightning strike can mean major damage to your well pump’s motor and leave your home without the water you need. When a severe storm is on the horizon, the best precaution you can take is to flip off the electrical breaker for the pump. While this will create a short-term inconvenience during the storm, it can prevent long-term damage to your well pump. In the unfortunate event your water well pump does succumb to a storm, the electric professionals at Southern Trust Home Services can replace the pump and restore your water supply quickly.

Safeguard electronics with surge protectors – With thousands of dollars’ worth of electric appliances and electronics in your home, surge protectors offer a low-cost way to easily safeguard your investment. Not all surge protection systems are created equal, though. The most effective protection is through a whole-home system attached to your electrical panel. For a one-time investment, you get a system that protects small electronics and big ticket items like HVAC systems, refrigerators and medical equipment. Southern Trust’s whole-home system, for example, also includes a lifetime warranty and will cover up to $75,000 in the event of surge damage.

Avoid losing power with a back-up generator – When severe storms knock out power to your neighborhood, a generator can keep your lights – and crucial appliances – on. If power outages are a common problem at your home, a whole home generator will reduce the inconvenience and keep critical items, such refrigeration, security systems and medical equipment, running.

Some Roanoke-area homeowners may recently have received information from a local company regarding home surge protection services. However, these systems will only cover your items if you pay a monthly fee, as well as only covering home electronics up to $3,000. This local company plan also excludes more expensive items like HVAC systems, sump pumps, well pumps, medical equipment, and even mobile home trailers. The Southern Trust Home Surge Protection whole-home system is a one-time fee, includes a lifetime warranty and will cover up to $75,000 in the event of surge damage to all of the systems in your home, offering outstanding Roanoke electrical home protection.

For Roanoke-area homeowners who are interested in learning more about safeguarding their home against lightning storms, the professionals at Southern Trust Home Services are available to help. For more information on Roanoke electrical home protection, please visit or call 540-343-4348 for 24/7 service and ask about our discounts for seniors, Veterans and the disabled today.